This is my little corner of the internet... I'm not outstanding at any one venue, so it'll seem kind of random. *shrug*

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Wulfsbane of the Trimorph


Artwork"  A collection of renderings, sketches, drawings, colorings, and other works done by myself and friends.

Music  This is where you'll find music. Some are songs I've written, some are songs my friends have written. As of now, the links won't work, since I can't upload any files larger than 512k.

Pictures  Here's a bunch of pictures... oddly enough, I'm in most of them. Go figure.

Logic  Symbolic logic. Give it a try... just don't do them all at the same time. It might make your brain hurt.

Who is this mysterious creature?  Standard information page. Click if you wish.

Page Info  Here's information about this actual site

Sign my guestbook!  I decided to use LiveJournal as a guestbook, at least for now. Go with the clicky and stuff.

Killing  Fun ways to kill time

Furry Peace... Not another brick in the wall. Furry Heart